Saturday, 7 November 2015

Uses for Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are small cards, about the size of playing cards or smaller, passed out to individuals. They are often given out at memorial services, funerals, and other religious events. They are commonly passed out during Catholic services. But, they can be used in other denominations as well.

Cards are typically produced in sheets. Each sheet can contain a single scripture or a variety of different scriptures, given out for different events. Churches, Funeral Homes, and clergy often order prayer cards based on the type of ceremony or event they will be given out at. For a baptism, the cards will include scripture related to baptism, for example. Click here for more details.

For a memorial service or funeral, prayer cards will often contain a favorite scripture of the deceased. A variation will contain the deceased person's favorite scripture on one side and a related scripture on the other. The cards may contain a related scripture on one side and a summary of the individual's life on the other. This is often done for people who have been active in their church or community. It serves as a way to highlight the individual's contributions to society. It helps family and friends attending the memorial remember the person in a special way.

Prayer cards are typically laminated, to keep them in good condition for years to come. As mementos at special events, they are often taken home and placed in photo albums or in scrap books. They serve as a way to remember the positive traits of a loved one who has passed. For many people, the cards can be a source of comfort and a way to come to terms with the loved one's passing. The scriptures printed on at least one side are carefully selected for the occasion.

Cards are often printed in advance, by churches, funeral homes, and religious organizations. However, they can also be designed and ordered by individuals, for special occasions. Some couples like to give them to wedding guests. Some will select and order cards for attendees at a Baptism, First Communion, or other church sacrament.
As long as the printed text is in good taste, many churches will allow couples or individuals to order their own.

Some people like to plan their funerals or memorial services long before death. This can be a way of eliminating the small details of planning or scheduling services, for the loved ones left behind. Those who want to plan their own memorials, down to the last detail, can select their favorite scriptures and design their own prayer cards. Many people are becoming more involved in planning their own services, before they die. There are religious stores and online stores to order as many cards as desired.

Prayer cards seem like small details, when it comes to special religious events. However, for those who attend, they can serve as uplifting mementos to take home. Scriptures applicable to the situation or related to the individual's life serve as reminders of spiritual lives. They are customizable and should be selected with care.